Remedial and Sport Massages

Remedial Massage: Even with more serious injuries there is nearly always some secondary soft tissue condition also involved. This is usually because the muscular system is protecting or compensating for the more serious problem. Remedial massage can have a vital complementary role to play, in support of the medical practitioner, dealing with these secondary problems which otherwise may prevent a good recovery.

Sports Massage:This is a speciality within remedial massage that uses the same range of clinical skills. Many “so called” sports injuries have much to do with an athlete’s posture and/or other factors outside of their sport, and the distinction between the two is often unclear. The real difference with sports massage is the focus on recovery from training and the early identification and treatment of potential soft tissue problems. With a thorough assessment of the condition of the athlete’s soft tissues through massage, the therapist can monitor how he or she is responding to training. This can allow the athlete to “fine-tune” their training to avoid injury and enhance performance.